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PSG Power Platinum – Download and CD – Win 7-10


This version you get PSG Power, PSG Karaoke, and all Lead and Rhythm tracks as an instant download and CD.  Both  PSG Steel lead  and Rhythm Track are preloaded and are ready to be played with the built in PSG karaoke.  Win XP and Win 7- 10 both are included on CD. {Scroll down for more selections}

Product Description

Windows 7,  Window 8 and Windows 10.  You will receive the PSG Power program on a CD Via USPS and a link to download immediately.  The PSG Power Program has over 300 web site links of interest to pedal steel guitar players and enthusiasts.  Designed for easy access to steel guitar web sites with a click of the mouse.  Also you may add your own favorite links to the program; this is software like no other. This version has the PSG Karaoke with both the PSG Steel lead  and Rhythm Track pre-loaded.  Win XP and Win 7-10 both are included on the CD.   User can choose which one to install.  Most orders will be shipped free on the same day as ordered.


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